Happy birthday, HW

One year ago, friends and neighbors were invited to gather for worship at a local coffee shop. And people did. And Humble Walk was born. 10 pounds 2 ounces of fiesty/vulnerable faith community. Happy birthday, folks! This week, we kick off Erik Ritland's Old Fashioned Liturgy. Come sing songs of old--led by our own Erik Ritland. You might also want to check out his other gig this weekend: Floating Bridge at Station 4 on Friday night. See Erik for details.

End your weekend with a breakfast-themed potluck. Think: pancakes (bring the syrup). Or fresh fruit. Or egg bake. Or toaster strudel (bring the toaster). Or cereal. Or a crockpot of hot cereal. Bagels and creme cheese. Ham. You get the idea? Breakfast for dinner=brinner.

On Saturday, friends of HW will make all sorts of promises to God and to one another in their wedding service. We give thanks for the love of Chelsea and Luke and baby, Leif.

Thank you for your generous donations of school supplies. When I dropped them off at Joseph's Coat, the volunteer who received them said, "YES! School supplies!."