The Dream Continues...

Humble Walk's I Have a Big Old Dream Sunday was pretty amazing. Sure, one can never go wrong with croissant sandwiches. But even more so, the dreams for this faith community were many and varied. (Someone in the group took detailed notes--let me know if you'd like a copy.) Here are two themes that stand out: 1. We are ready to serve/be of use in the community. 2. We want to be more connected to the neighborhood.

As it turns out, these two go hand-in-hand. There are plenty of agencies in the West End who could use our help. We have someone coordinating a monthly service opportunity. Watch and listen for details.

Over the course of the next year, some of these Dreams for HW will be forgotten. Some will be good ideas, just not the right timing for us. But some will keep coming up--bugging us, agitating us until they become a reality. God's will be done. (Perhaps even, God's Wheel Be Done--a bike repair ministry idea).

FB and email and the website all serve us well. But, there are times when we do need to pick up the phone and call one another. Or even, (gasp), send something by snail mail. Soooooo, we are compiling our first ever church directory! No kidding. On actual paper. If you would like to be included on this (and you do), please email me your name/address/phone numbers to

Of couse, we won't sell your info for profit. Or non profit, for that matter.

Our guest preacher this Sunday is Rev. Susan Tjornehoj. Sue is the mission director for the Minneapolis Synod. Ask her about her dog-sled team and love of goats. Come early for Rainy Day Classroom Games, Part 3.