I have a Big Ol' Dream Sunday

Hi friends of Humble Walk- What do pictures, Post-its, butcher paper, Play-doh, Sharpies and a neon green lawn game have in common? They will all be present and available for use on Sunday at worship.

Add to that: food! Glorious food! (You don't need to bring anything--except a few bucks to throw in the hat). We'll gather at 4:30 to hear the Gospel and share Holy Communion...then we'll bust out the Post-its and butcher paper.

Where has God led us in the past? Where are we now? Who's missing from our circle? Where are we headed? Think of this as a six month check up--with office supplies. Come and put your fingerprints all over this faith community (whether you are a transient member, a tourist or a regular).

See you on Sunday. Arrive early to play Rainy Day Classroom Games. You won't be sorry you did.