We are a Process

Our weekly Wild Wednesday's ended with waterballoons, hotdogs, adults connecting, kids feeling loved and a few cranky meltdowns. All told, 53 people (kids, adults, leaders) were connected to this summer program. We welcomed new people each week and the whole thing just felt right and good. Thank you for your prayers. The sale of the century goes down next week. If you have something to contribute (goods, time)...let Brie know. You will find more info on the website under Events.

The ELCA gathers for the national assembly this month. Much time and energy will be spent on the hotbed topic of sexuality. That's right folks, I said sex. shocked

From the beginning, HW has been commited to meeting people where they are--and not asking them to change before entering this faith community. Five-year-olds are not expected to behave like adults. You are not asked to have "more" faith if you are hanging on by a thread. If you are GLBT, you get to be GLBT. Even at church. Especially at church.

Now, we may not all feel the same way or agree on every single thing that comes along (that would be a tiny bit creepy and cultish). But we are all invited to the table. If you would like to show your support for those in our community who identifiy themselves as GLBT...to assure that all are invited to the table...you can follow this link. The names gathered will be brought to the assembly.


If the whole thing freaks you out or in some way makes you feel excluded...let's have coffee and talk about it.

In the meantime, we gather on Sunday to hear the Good News and break bread. See you then.

In Christ, Jodi (who has nothing clever to add at 10:38PM)