John Lost His Head

It's true. Last week, we heard about the graphic beheading of John. I figure we can only go up from here. Come and worship with us on Sunday and see if things improve. 4:00PM Hand drumming prelude (everyone welcome, we have enough to share) 4:30PM Worship 5:30PM Community potluck

Other things you might want to know: 1. Wild Wed's this week: wacky large group games 2. Sell All You Have and Give it to the Poor (church) Yard Sale August 14/15. 3. Coming this Fall: Theology on Tap. Once a month, we gather at Skinner's Pub (cheapest taps around, plus high volume/low cost nachos). Bring your questions about God/religion/theology. Just don't expect answers.

In Christ, Jodi Houge (who closes her eyes during beheadings)