Intentionally Yours.

communeHaving just spent a week living in community at Outlaw Ranch Lutheran Camp in Custer, SD...intentional communities are on my mind. Well, they have been on my mind for fifteen years. Let's just say that Outlaw fanned the flame a bit. Communes. Yes-that throwback word from the sixties...often seen alongside sit-ins, peace signs and a whole lotta free love. Well, that word has been updated/transformed into "intentional community." Sounds fancy, doesn't it?

I somehow think that that throwback is actually our future. Maybe metaphorically, but maybe quite literally. Why on earth do we all need two cars per household? Why on earth do we eat our meals alone each night? Why on earth aren't we sharing Netflicks, lawn mowers, garden seeds, childcare and bikes? We are people designed for relationships. Yes, yes, yes,..most of us like our individual space. I am right there with you. But, we are also sort of  lonely when we slow down enough to admit it.

The best I can do right now is to invite you to live in our neighborhood.  I am not kidding. Come on over. There are places for sale and places for rent. We have a futon with an iffy frame but a great mattress.  

We just got to know (and love) a group of young twenty-somethings who want to make a difference. "Like maybe I'll join the Peace Corps or something?" Awesome, do it. Another option would be to get a couple other people and form an intentional community for one year. Take a vow of simplicity. Pool resources. Work only part time and then use the rest of your time building relationships and inviting people to gather. Hey, that sounds like church. Hmmmm.

There is a duplex for sale six houses down. Let's talk.