Java Train as Learning Lab

There is an amazing coffee shop in the Como Park area of this fine city. It's called Java Train. Every time I am there, I wish I owned it--or at least lived in the neighborhood so that I could pretend I did. It has that cool independent neighborhood thing going on. Great coffee. Friendly staff who remember you from week to week. Izzy's ice cream (on site). Ample space. Free wifi. Gorgeous colors on the wall. Could there be more? Yes, dog parking and complimentary dog treats. Indoor play area at Java Train

They also understand how to move beyond "kid friendly" to "this place is for every age." Church and faith communities could learn a few things from this shop. There are places for both adults and kids to sit at appropriate sized tables/chairs. There are two play on the huge outdoor patio and one inside. The best part is that these spaces are integrated into the rest of the place. Kids are not put into a sealed-off room (McD's) or put into a youngsters ghetto. They are part of the whole scene without becoming the whole scene.patiofallthumb

We continually work at this "all ages" approach at Humble Walk. If Christ meets us where we are at--then that means Christ meets all of us. So, we can't really expect two-year-olds to be anything but two-year-olds in worship. Admittedly, we don't always get it right. Actually, we fail quite a bit. But, every once in a while--we hit this sweet spot and say, "Hey! That was it. Look!" Even in our failing attempts, it's an excellent challenge.