Hello, Good Citizen

A couple weeks ago, my family met some friends at Minnehaha Falls and rented a couple of those huge bikes from Wheel Fun Rentals. I mean...a couple of those huge cars. Well, it's like a car, but you peddle it and sometimes pull a Fred Flintstone and put your foot out when you go too fast along a curve. It's really dorky and loads of fun (right up my alley). Fred Flinstone Special

 Anyway, our families split up--two kids and two dads on one bike, two kids and two moms on another. It takes quite a bit of leg power to get those things to move, particularly up hills. Toward the end of our hour, my friend and I were spent. Naked. Mere shells of the raw power we were in the first 55 minutes. The kids on our bike were yelling at us to go faster as we hit one of the last hills going up.

I'm not going to lie. It wasn't pretty. It's not just that we were not living up to the break-neck speed these youngsters were hoping for, we had completely stopped and had started to roll backwards. That's right, backwards. It was funny and slightly embarrassing. Thank goodness the kids are not yet old enough to realize how mortified they should be at this point. I hopped out and tried to push us forward as my friend pedaled and steared. Again, not pretty. Thankfully, a rather chiseled jogger took pity on us and helped push us up the hill. "Thank you, Good Citizen," is what I yelled back between belly laughs.

Today, while in a parking lot in Plymouth--my car refused to turn over. Without warning, it was just completely dead. Spent. Naked. A mere shell of the Civic power it was the hour before. A man in a pickup came over and provided a boost. He told me, "I grew up on a farm driving pieces of crap vehicles...so I know about needing a boost."  

All of this to say, sometimes the community takes care of me and it makes me love my neighbor even more than yesterday. Thank you, Good Citizens.