Pentecostal Plum Crazy

Things have gotten a little crazy over here in the HW office (which looks surprisingly like a kitchen table). Pentecost celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts...which is also the birthday of the church (since the Holy Spirit gathers us for worship). Given all that wild Spirit activity, we thought we ought to shake things up. Will you hear the Gospel? Oh yes. And then you can interact with it in four different ways. (World maps, balloons and fans, dictionaries, blocks.) Think of it as a Gospel carnival (minus the carnies). If you have been waiting to invite someone to HW, this is the Sunday.

Drummers--we need your prelude drumming. Come at 4PM.

And yes, we will conclude with the Pentecost Hot City Pizza Feast. In honor of the tongues of fire (found in the Acts 2 story), worshippers are invited to bring a bottle of hot sauce to share.