Urban faith community meet your local pork farmer.

On Saturday, our family packed up and headed to the St Paul Farmer's Market. Child #2 said, "farmers with vegetables" to herself during the ride. We had our minds set for adventure, freezable quantities of rhubarb, a few last things for our own garden, possibly something to grill and definitely a round of donuts. We found it all. (Plus a few other things.) Our favorite discovery was the Amor Pork truck. Three years ago, our family moved to the Amor area for my one-year internship through Luther Seminary's Master of Divinity program.  It was a wild year (we gained hospitality weight and brought home one more child, among a hundred other things.). One of the best finds was this local family-run farm. The owners are active members of my internship congregation, Zion Lutheran of Amor, and can't seem to stop themselves from being crazy generous.

After doing a brief catch-up with our old friends, we walked away with enough bratwurst to feed our HW community. They would not let us pay for them. How can you not love a mountain of family-farm raised brats after worship? Good grief--this is a sign of the Kingdom breaking in, people. (Deep apologies to all those who I knew during that sixteen-year vegetarian phase. It was a phase.)

In any case, go and find Farmer Bob the next time they roll that beautiful truck into town. You can find them on June 20, July 18 and August 15. Tell them HW thinks their wurst is the best.