Bowling, the new church growth movement.


One night after worship, we were sitting around eating. Which is a pretty typical Sunday at HW. Someone mentioned thing led to another...and all of a sudden we had ourselves a Scheduled Church Activity. This event did not take place in any old bowling alley. We rented the alley in the basement of St Francis de Sales Catholic Church here in the W 7th neighborhood.  This little charmer of an alley boasts six lanes with modern scoring. They provide shoes, balls and people to help you organize yourself into lanes. (These folks are good at their jobs).

Now, I can't help but think that this is the perfect church growth idea. Is there anything cooler than bowling? (Not really) Can you think of a more inclusive, all-ages, any-weather event? (No) When the church built their school in 1939, they went ahead and included a bowling alley. Apparently, the priest at the time liked to bowl. I think he was probably a forward church-growth kind of thinker.

That's it, if I ever build a Catholic church...I'm totally including a bowling alley.